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How It Began

Hi, I’m Christie! In 2018 I was diagnosed with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma. Upon finding out that I would benefit from chemotherapy, I learned from a friend of a friend about this amazing thing called cold cap therapy and Penguin Cold Caps. After doing my own research and talking with my oncologist, I decided I wanted to try and save my hair. While there are so many reasons that people choose to try and save their hair during chemotherapy, for me it was because it's more than just hair. It meant my own peace of mind still looking like I normally do. It was for my young children's peace of mind. The choice to pursue cold cap therapy gave me back some control which also provided an enormous emotional benefit. I looked like myself and that made me feel more like myself while fighting the hardest battle of my life. I had great success and was able to keep at least eighty percent of my hair. It is now my honor to help others using Penguin Cold Caps save their hair during chemotherapy. Providing the best assistive support along with providing a hassle free experience is my fervent passion and goal for each and everyone of my clients.

Image by Suhyeon Choi

"Because it's more than just hair".

~Christie Koenig

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